Pella Vavassori Atp Córdoba

Pella returns to ATP victory after 16 months in Córdoba

Argentine tennis player Guido Pella defeated Italian Andrea Vavassori 6-2, 6-2 after 1h21 minutes of play in the first round of the ATP 250 series in Córdoba. World number 1018 will face either Pedro Cachín or Hugo Dellien in the quarterfinals.

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Guido Pella he stayed off the track after injuries and a new father. His last match on the tour was in October 2010, when he retired in the first round of the tour Moscow ATP. His return took place at the end of 2022, in November, at Temuco Challenger, even with a loss in the debut. After a great pre-season, the Argentine started the 2023 tournament Australian Open, using a protected investment, but a quick goodbye. Organization Cordoba open He granted him a wild card to enter the tournament.

Andrea Vavassori He shows the best of his tennis in doubles, where he reached the Top 50. In singles, he is a great fighter on the Challenger circuit. Last season, he won five Challengers titles in pairs (Zadar, Verona, Cordenons, Szczecin and Genoa) and an ATP final (Marrakech). In singles, he reached the final in CH San Benedetto and the Cordenonsand the semi-finals in Ortisei, when he managed to win the qualification at Wimbledon. In 2023, it started in Australia with a loss in the qualifying round of the doubles and in the second round. In Córdoba he struck Andrea Pellegrino and Camilo Ugo Carabelli to advance to the frame.

Pella moves smoothly

Guido Pella and Andrea Vavassori they met in the first round Cordoba ATP 250.

The development of the game was perfect for the Argentinian who did his homework and was never in trouble. In the first set, Guido started playing accurate tennis, playing deep and hard. The Italian, on the other hand, had a dismal night, making many mistakes and not showing much. Pella took a break and pushed at the right time again to get ahead 6-2 in 38 minutes.

At the beginning of the second set, Vavassori broke down and seemed to show a different rhythm. However, it was just an illusion. The Argentinian recovered quickly, moved his feet, made few mistakes and was becoming sensational. The game was allowed to find a good rhythm, and it was. Against an opponent who barely played, Pella advanced strongly 6-2, 6-2 after 1h21min.

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