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Pella: «I love the Argentine public very much»

Argentinian tennis player Guido Pella struggled but failed to advance in his debut Argentina Open in front of a great support from the fans. After the game, these were his words.

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Guido Pella He’s back on the circuit with the intention of playing all the tournaments that the protected ranking allows and using them as a thermometer to see where he stands. Injuries and above all the birth of her daughter kept her out of tournaments for several months. His return to the courts took place late last year. In Córdoba, he achieved his first victory in 15 months. In Buenos Aires, he showed great tennis, but could not against Jaume Munar. This comment after the loss.

Pella’s statements

«I had my chances in the first set, in the second he broke very quickly and then I was able to recover. But due to the playing conditions, I was never able to take advantage of the opportunity. I did my best, we played for more than two hours and I got through a lot of things«, analyzed the Argentine.

On the other hand, bahiense comments: «As the tournaments progress, I’ll highlight all the positives that you need to cling to in order to continue playing such a tournament. I would have liked better results, but I did everything I could, that’s all I can do«.

Pella was full of praise for the Argentinian fans who kept shouting encouragement to one of Zagreb’s champions 2016. «People always treat me amazingly. In this edition, I felt a lot of love from people. Every time I played here in the Davis Cup, I tried to make them feel that I gave my all. I love the Argentinian crowd very much, it is the best thing in the world and this year they returned all the love that I have reaped in all the years of my career.«, he declared.

Finally, he spoke about his next tournament, the ATP 500 tournament in Rio de Janeiro: «Obviously, I’m going to try to play the way I’ve been playing, even though I have to keep tweaking a lot of things to win these types of matches. The balance of these three tournaments is good, I need to improve, but I’m not going to do anything with a good feeling, I need good results, more confidence and an increase in the ranking.«.

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