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Pegula: «It will be a very difficult match against Collins»

The American player, currently ranked third in the world, went through the press room after signing a pleasing debut at the WTA 1000 in Miami against Canada’s Katherine Sebov. Her compatriot Danielle Collins is her next stumbling block in the tournament.

tournament draw

tournament results

Jessica Pegula capitalized on his initial popularity and settled comfortably into the third round Miami Openthe third tournament WTA 1,000 of the year, after beating Canadian Katherine Sebov, no 172 from the world ranking.

In his post-match press conference, the world number three highlighted the difficulty of facing the Canadian for the first time, while admitting that his next stumbling block in the tournament, his compatriot Danielle CollinsIt’s going to be hugely complicated. Pegula also talked about Tiafoe’s proposal to play with noise and movement from the stands during points, and insisted that he would not be particularly upset if such an initiative was implemented.

First match against Sebov

«Obviously when you compare with someone for the first time there is always nervousnessYou don’t really know what to expect. I think he played very well in the first set, but after that I adjusted my game plan a little bit better, I felt looser.«.

match strategy

«We both played the same way and shot very evenly. Here the pitch is faster, you have to attack the ball more. At first I played him a lot on the right, but later he went the other way and it seemed to work better. Also, I think I served well, very smart and got a lot of free points«.

Danielle Collins in the next round

«It’s a bit strange that we’re meeting in the third round. I mean, it’s too early. It’s going to be really hard. I know you had a tough game today, but It’s always dangerous, especially at home. and on a hard court. We know each other very well and without a doubt it will be a very difficult match«.

Tiafoe’s words about noise during matches

«I would like to. It wouldn’t affect me if people screamed or moved during the credits. I remember last year at the US Open there were a lot of people criticizing the noise there, but those things don’t really bother me much. Personally, I think we need to do something different to reach the new generations more and I think people like Frances (Tiafoe) are perfect for that«.

And Opelka they underestimate twice

«I think Reilly has been a little bored lately because he’s been injured for so long. He likes to make such comments, he is not afraid to express his feelings. But from my point of view, I like playing singles and doing it with Coco (Gauff) last year… We had a lot of people in our matches, we did well and it was fun. Although it is also because our personal ranking is higher. But like I said before, I love playing singles. I’d rather do that than practice for an hour on my day off.».

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