Patrick Mouratoglou Ranks Roger Federer'S Slice Backhand At No 1 In Men'S Tennis

Patrick Mouratoglou ranks Roger Federer’s slice backhand No. 1 in men’s tennis

Coach Patrick Mouratoglou has ranked Roger Federer’s slice backhand No. 1 in men’s tennis history. Mouratoglou, who coached Serena Williams for a decade, revealed his top 3 backhand shots of all time in men’s tennis.

Patrick Rafter, a two-time US Open champion, had the honor of finding himself in third place on Mouratoglou’s list. At number 2, Mouratoglou placed Stefan Edberg, a former six-time Grand Slam champion who was known for his volleying and cutting skills.

«Let’s talk about the best slice backhands of all time and let’s start on the men’s side. No 3 Pat Rafter, Pat had a slow slice without much consistency but always deep and thanks to him he was able to create a lot of short shots.» opponent’s balls that he could use to charge the net.

No 2 Stefan Edberg. In his prime, he was the master of the cut and used it a lot to get close to the net. Number 1 Roger Federer. He had the best backhand cut because his cut was low, he was fast and he dominated the short cross cut,» Mouratoglou explained in a video posted on his Instagram account.

Will Federer return to Wimbledon in 2023?

Last year, Federer did not compete at Wimbledon, but did visit the All England Club for Center Court’s centenary.

This year, Federer is expected to return to Wimbledon but in a completely new role. In recent months, there has been a lot of talk about the possibility of seeing Federer as part of the BBC’s Wimbledon 2023 coverage.

Federer, who lifted his first Grand Slam title at Wimbledon in 2003, is a record eight-time champion at The Championships. Although Federer is not British, he has always been one of the most beloved players at The Championships.

Federer is a true icon at Wimbledon and tennis fans are hoping to see the Swiss return at The Championships this year.

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