Patrick Mcenroe Weighs In On Novak Djokovic Mystery Drink Controversy

Patrick McEnroe weighs in on Novak Djokovic’s mystery drink controversy

Patrick McEnroe has come to Novak Djokovic’s defense as he simply says that the Serb would have tested positive for doping if there was anything illegal in the mystery drink he received in Paris. During Djokovic and Stefanos Tsitsipas’ match in Paris, a video showed a member of Djokovic’s team preparing a drink for the Serb.

When the Djokovic team noticed that they were being filmed, they tried to block the view of a camera. The video quickly went viral as many were curious as to what was in the drink and why Team Djokovic tried to block a camera view.

«As we found out recently with Simona Halep testing positive, these players get tested all the time. So if there was something illegal in the drinks they were mixing, which they do for them all the time during matches, chances are he would test positive. «McEnroe said on the Holding Court podcast with Patrick McEnroe, quoted in Sportskeeda.

Jelena Djokovic came out in defense of her husband

The journalist who posted the video described it as «incredibly dubious». Jelena wasn’t about to accept it, as she suggested that they tried to block a camera’s view because it was nobody’s business to know what they were putting in the drink.

«I don’t see anything weird. In fact, I see people trying to keep their businesses private in a world where everyone feels they have every right to point the camera whenever they want. Apparently wanting/trying to be private makes you dubious nowadays,” Jelena Djokovic wrote in her response to the journalist who posted the video.

When asked directly why Novak didn’t directly address the viral video, Jelena had a forceful response. “He will speak when he is ready to speak. All this nonsense about getting people to talk about something they’re not ready for because OTHERS are impatient is absurd.

Sit quietly for a while. Take care more. Not everything you see is controversial. It could be private. Is it allowed?» Jelena Djokovic tweeted.

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