Entry List Atp Challenger Troisdorf 2023

Participation list ATP Challenger Troisdorf 2023

Between May 29 and June 4, a new Saturn Oil Open event will be held in Troisdorf, Germany. This event is part of the ATP Challenger Series in category 75 and will be played on the clay courts of TC Rot-Weiß Troisdorf. Split a week with Little Rock and Vicenza.

Troisdorf is preparing to host the Challenger track again for the second consecutive season after its debut in 2022. In that case, Slovakian Lukas Klein became the champion, who is now again participating as a seed in this tournament in a city near Bonn. Cologne.

The top seed is Russian Pavel Kotovfollowed by Japanese Yosuke Watanuki and to Hungary Zsombor Piros, points out that this tournament coincides with the first week of Roland Garros, so if any of the registrants manage to win the previous stage of the Paris tournament, they will be down in Germany. There are seeds in that batch, says the Argentinian present Facundo Diaz Acosta.

Participation list ATP Challenger 75 Troisdorf

  1. Pavel Kotov (No. 108/RUS)
  2. Yosuke Watanuki (No. 111/JPN)
  3. Zsombor Piros (No. 121/HUN)
  4. Sebastian Ofner (no. 122/AUT)
  5. Filip Misolic (no. 129/AUT)
  6. Zizou Bergs (No. 131/BEL)
  7. Facundo Diaz Acosta (No. 134/ARG)
  8. Lukas Klein (no. 136/SVK)
  9. Jozef Kovalik (no. 141/SVK)
  10. Timofey Skatov (No. 144/KAZ)
  11. Kaichi Uchida (No. 147/JPN)
  12. Maximilian Marterer (No. 148/GER)
  13. Camilo Ugo Carabelli (No. 152/ARG)
  14. Jelle Sels (no. 163/NED)
  15. Ivan Gakhov (No. 167/RUS)
  16. Emilio Nava (No. 171/USA)
  17. Felipe Meligeni Alves (No. 175/BRA)
  18. Oleksii Krutykh (no. 177/UKR)
  19. Jan Choinski (No. 179/GBR)
  20. Geoffrey Blancaneaux (No. 180/FRA)
  21. Seong-chan Hong (No. 184/KOR)
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Substitutes List of participants ATP Challenger Troisdorf

  1. Joris De Loore (no. 185/BEL)
  2. Harold Mayot (No. 196/FRA)
  3. Chun-Hsin Tseng (No. 201/TPE)
  4. Gauthier Onclin (No. 209/BEL)
  5. Dimitar Kuzmanov (No. 211/BUL)
  6. Frederico Ferreira Silva (No. 215/POR)
  7. Raphael Collignon (No. 217/BEL)
  8. Mariano Navone (No. 219/ARG)
  9. Nick Hardt (No. 221/DOM)
  10. Henri Laaksonen (No.223/SUI)
  11. Cem Ilkel (no. 231/FIN)
  12. Sho Shimabukuro (No. 234/JPN)
  13. Santiago Rodriguez Tavern (No. 237/ARG)
  14. Abdullah Shelbayh (No. 243/JOR)
  15. Hernan Casanova (No. 247/ARG)
  16. Dragos Nicolae Madaras (No. 248/SWE)
  17. Terence Atmane (No. 249/FRA)
  18. Sumit Nagal (No. 256/IND)
  19. Renzo Olivo (No. 260/ARG)
  20. Benjamin Hassan (No. 261/LIB)
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  24. (TOILET)

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