Párrizas Awarded A Draw To Spain

Párrizas awarded a draw to Spain

The Granada player wins with a goal from Marcela Zacarías and gives the series victory to Spain 3-0.

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Spain’s first chance to decide the tie came to Spain’s No. 1, who was tasked with keeping Mexico alive. Nuria Parrizas she defeated Renata Zarazúa in two sets where she was not at her best, although she was able to compete brilliantly. Marcela Zacarias She was selected for this match instead of Fernanda Contreras, who did not find sensations on clay.

Attempting a Mexican comeback

The Spaniard started the match by winning serve and breaking Mexico’s Zacarías with a double fault. Additionally, Párrizas completed a free kick to close out the next kick and make it 3-0. The Spaniard dominated with his power as Zacarías tried to put one more ball into play. As if that wasn’t enough, the Granada woman made another break thanks to a drop shot that her rival came under pressure to send the ball down the foursome corridor. Marcela opened her point in the sixth game and even managed to break 5-3, but Nuria ended the set with the Mexican’s long forehand.

Párrizas is in complete control

The second set started the same way as the first, with the Spaniard quickly breaking and the Mexican pulling away from the scoreboard. With a 2-0 lead, Zacarías double-faulted to give the Spanish a second break and put the Spanish team very close to serving. Nuria showed no signs of pressure at the closing moment of the game and it was done on the break after a wonderful right-footed shot at medium height. The situation was 5-0, and Marcela couldn’t do anything else for her team. After an excellent cross forehand, Párrizas took the game and 3-0 sealed the tie and reached the final of the tournament.

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