Paire Rincón Puerto Vallarta

Paire wins Rincon in Puerto Vallarta

Benoit Paire is taking positive emotions and now he defeated the Spaniard Daniel Rincón in three sets (6-2, 5-7, 6-2) in his duel to the second round of the Puerto Vallarta Challenger. The Frenchman will face Tunisian Aziz Dougaz in the quarterfinals of the Mexico competition.

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An exciting duel between Paire and Rincón closes the day in Puerto Vallarta. Benoit couple He entered this tournament as one of the favorites as he tried to rediscover his tennis after some forgettable seasons. The Frenchman had to work hard to beat Colombian Nicolás Mejía in his debut. For him Daniel Rincon He came with a completely different panning and gradually made his first experiences at this level. The native of Ávila had defeated the local Alan Rubio Fierros in the first round.

Paire remains firmly in Puerto Vallarta

Begin to ask the experienced Benoit, who brought great sensations with his service in the first games in the face of Daniel’s doubts. Three consecutive breaks led to a 5-0 French lead in a short period of time. Rincón had his chances but found it difficult to convert them until in the sixth game he managed to capitalize on one of them and finally lower the score. Even so, The pair took the first set 6-2.

Rincón came out better planted in the second set, showing that he had the No Barriers face he had in the last games of the previous set. A player with as many ups and downs as Paire always gives a chance to get into the game and the Spaniard appeared there to make a break and move up the numbers. The Frenchman returned to parity and tried to take his sleeve to at least a tiebreak. However, a break at a critical moment, allowed Rincón to win the set 7-5 and return to the illusion.

As the game progressed, general feelings indicated that Paire might have been more fired up in the final set. But in this case it was the opposite. The Frenchman was able to turn the page in time and made the breaks to make this series more akin to the first than the second. Rincón was left without tools even before the rise of a new level in the service of the Frenchman. In the end, Benoit sealed his victory with another decisive 6-2.

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