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Osorio returns to Kostyuk and continues in Madrid

Camila Osorio enters the third round of the Mutua Madrid Open WTA 1000 tournament after defeating Marta Kostyuk 3-6, 6-4, 6-3 in two hours and 15 minutes.

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Court 7 of the Mutua Madrid Open will host the match between Camila Osorio and Marta Kostyuk. The Colombian had already played his first round match, taking advantage of the invitation given to him by the organization. After a few weeks out of competition due to injury, she beat Clara Burel yesterday. The Ukrainian started his career in this round.

Apart from Camila’s first serve game, the following sets were quite calm for the serving tennis player. In that sense, they were safe. Still, when Osorio reached the moments where the situation usually gets complicated, there were even four break balls that did not come to fruition. That push that is usually put in, and when it’s not reached, usually brings a little downswing later on and that’s what Kostyuk used, so he was the one to make the break. A suitable moment completes it with a ranking of 5-3 and service. The Colombian presented his intentions, but he could only stay at 30-30 Marta did very well.

Return of Osorio

In the second part, at the beginning, it looked similar to what we saw a minute before, but the main characters switched roles. Camila was serving and Kostyuk couldn’t find the pattern that one of the seven break points she had lined up was for her. That’s why the current number 115 in the world used it validated energy dose to be the one who commanded in the partial. For the first time, he was ahead in the commitment.

He had to make up for uncomfortable moments, but when he got the chance to serve to take the set, Ukraine went 0-40. He came back, but with another break point, his eleventh in total in the set, it would be Kostyuk’s worth. However, Far from bowing out, after this half, Osorio delivered on his potential by being aggressive and crowned the rest 6-4.

It was difficult for the Ukrainian to get to the beginning of the third set when Camila’s level was very high. Justice was a potential weapon with which parallelism ran wild. A break that was decisive throughout the set. Marta had a breaking ball to get in the game, but the Colombian blocked it. Very good at the psychological level and knows how to maintain this important distinction. Going into the match, he was close to 30-30, but when match point came, with the palm that had done so much for him today, he managed to sign off in the third round. Osorio continues in the WTA 1000 series in Madrid with strength with Kostyuk.

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