Nick Kyrgios Approves Daniil Medvedev'S Habits: One Of Hardest Workers To Ever Do It

One of the hardest workers to do it

Nick Kyrgios believes that Daniil Medvedev absolutely deserves to treat himself once in a while, as the Russian is «one of the hardest workers to do it.» On Friday, Medvedev opened up about some of his habits and revealed that off the pitch he is just a normal guy who likes to relax and have a good time with friends.

«I do eat desserts. Sometimes I stay up late playing PlayStation. Sometimes I can drink on the weekends with friends.» Daniil Medvedev said after his Dubai semifinal win over Djokovic. Kyrgios shared the Tennis TV post to his Instagram story and captioned it: «Yes sir.

But one of the hardest workers ever to do it.»

Kyrgios withdrew from Indian Wells, Miami

Unfortunately, Kyrgios was unable to compete in front of his home fans at the Australian Open. After being forced to withdraw from the United Cup, Adelaide International 2 and the Australian Open, Kyrgios underwent surgery to repair his knee.

In early February, Kyrgios’ manager Daniel Horsfall provided a very positive update on Kyrgios, revealing that «the surgery went great.» “The surgery went very well, to be honest we couldn’t have asked for a better result.

We are all very happy, the team is ready to play, when he is ready, we will be ready. He’s wearing a knee brace right now, he only has about 70 degree movement. We have a post-op appointment today to assess where he is, but we’ve been talking to the surgeon most days and the physio as well.

They are very, very happy, he might be recovering faster than we expected, so that’s good news,» Horsfall told SEN Breakfast. Although Kyrgios’ surgery went well, the Australian failed to recover in time for the upcoming Masters events in Indian Wells and Miami.

After the Sunshine Double, the clay court season begins. In recent years, Kyrgios did not play much on clay. It remains to be seen when exactly Kyrgios will be able to start his 2023 season.

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