Grief In Serena Williams' Family: One Of Ohanian'S &Quot;Brothers&Quot; Dies At Gym

one of Ohanian’s «brothers» dies in the gym

Alexis Ohanian announced the death of one of his childhood friends, Adam Solomon. Below are Ohanian’s words of tribute. «I buried one of my brothers this weekend, Adam Solomon. He was the quiet soul of my best friends, boys I’ve known since first grade, who are like brothers to me to this day.

He got me into powerlifting a decade ago. He was in the gym, doing what he loved, when he died.

It was easy to find pictures of Adam, because over the decades we’ve known each other, scattered across the US, he slaps his beefy hand on your shoulder and tells you a joke.

I’m grateful for all the things we’ve done together over the past 35 years, but I wish I had more time.

Adam didn’t just show up on the guys’ trips to Las Vegas or Skins games, he would jump down to Florida just to help me put together a swing for Olympia.

We were in L.A. together and had a round of toasts (everyone’s talking!) and when it was Adam’s turn, he talked about how much he loved us and these moments together and ended with our traditional round of applause: «Strength and honor» ( yes, from Gladiator, we are obsessed).

And as much as it hurts right now, I know it hurts because of how much I loved him and I wouldn’t trade all those good times, great memories, and true friendship for anything.

I hope everyone is lucky enough to have an Adam in their life. Strength and Honor, brother.

If you’d like to join me in making a gift in Adam’s honor, please donate to @jdrfhq – life hasn’t been easy for him, but it’s made him a tremendous strength.»

Serena Williams reacted to Ohanian’s post

Alexis Ohanian’s wife, Serena Williams, publicly reacted to Ohanian’s post with a like.

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