Tirante Olivieri Challenger Túnez

One of lime and one of sand for the Argentines in Tunisia

Olivieri lost in the first round and Tirante advanced to the next ATP Challenger event in Tunisia, where he will face local Aziz Dougaz.

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Olivieri says goodbye in his debut

Of the two representatives of Argentina Genaro Olivieri he was the first to jump onto the track. The Bragado native, who had just injured his stomach three weeks ago, had to face Sho Shimabukuro, from the previous stage, in the first round. The Japanese tennis player arrived on the court with a bigger hour load, as earlier in the day he had to defeat Max Houkes of the Netherlands to seal his place in the main draw of the tournament in Tunisia.

The match would start with the Argentinian’s fast break 2-0. However, the advantage would not last long, as the Japanese would get a break to tie the match. This would be decided in a tiebreak, which would fall to Bragadia’s side sharply 7-2. Then the roles changed. The Japanese was clearly in control and played some great tennis as he took the next two sets to complete a stunning comeback 6-7, 6-3, 6-4.2h30min after the game.

set the compressor first

That time would come later Thiago Tirante, who is playing in a great moment after winning the ATP Challenger in Morelos and achieving a career-best ranking. On the other side was a 19-year-old Japanese Shintaro Mochizukievery week after another shows its regularity in the professional circle, achieving very good results.

The Argentine dictated his popularity and brilliant game, so with an early break he went 6-4 in the first set. The second quarter started very evenly, but Tirante used the gas pedal to break the game open in the sixth play. Since then, The Argentinian dominated without giving his rival a chance and beat him 6-4, 6-4.

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