One more major injury and I’m probably done with tennis.

Andy Murray has revealed that his career will likely be over if he suffers another major injury. Murray, who turns 36 in May, has had two major hip surgeries in recent years. If all goes well, Murray will be active for at least one more full season on the ATP Tour.

«If my body is in good shape and I’m still able to compete consistently, I’ll keep playing. But I can’t anticipate that much with my age and the problems I’ve had.» If I had a big injury, I probably wouldn’t try to recover,» Murray said.

Murray set for 2023 season

Going into the 2022 season, Murray’s big goal was to make his first deep Grand Slam run since 2017. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and Murray didn’t have the season he had hoped for.

This offseason, Murray returned to the gym and did everything he could to get stronger and fitter. As he heads into the 2023 season, Murray believes he’s in better shape and hopes that translates to good results.

«I spent three weeks in Florida getting my body into shape and working on my game a bit and it went really well. I’m certainly in better shape than I was. A lot of work was done in the gym, trying to build up a little bit of my stamina and my stamina and I hope that helps me next year.

I wasn’t happy with how last season went, certainly the last six months from a physical perspective, but my rating went from 125 to 50 in one year. Hopefully this year, with the work I’ve done, things will continue to improve and I’ll still be motivated to go out there and compete,» Murray explained. Murray will start his season at the Adelaide International and then go to Melbourne for the Australian Open.

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