Goat Issue: Novak Djokovic'S Words Are Right

Novak Djokovic’s words are right

With this week the ATP Masters 1000 tournament in Paris-Bercy officially begins. The French tournament closes the tennis season, pending the Davis Cup Finals and Final Four, and will feature some of the strongest tennis players in the world.

The calendar is full and there are few absences in the tough Parisian, and it will be a tournament full of ideas. The Spanish champion Rafa Nadal, after a great season, will play his first tournament as a father and will challenge Carlos Alcaraz and Novak Djokovic, with the two members of the Big Three who could face each other in the semifinals.

This year has been atypical for Nole, he has only played half of the Grand Slam tournaments due to the limitations for those who have not been vaccinated for Covid, but the rush for the GOAT continues. They often equate this battle with fighting who has the most Grand Slam titles, and right now the battle is more heated than ever.

Rafael Nadal is 22 years old while Nelle is 21 after the success of Wimbledon, both have surpassed Roger Federer, who retired at 20. The Serbian champion intervened to talk about the GOAT topic. And his words were right about that.

GOAT problem: Novak Djokovic’s words are correct

The Serbian tennis player made the following statements: «There are so many factors to discuss who is the real GOAT.

In the end I want to make the history of our sport, but I prefer others to talk about it.» Nole then continued: «Every time I’m on the court with the racket I look for inspiration, even if I’m not very motivated. I try to find ways to keep my game consistent and try to improve it.

I think this is the main condition to continue playing tennis at this level after almost 20 years.» Regarding Grand Slam titles, Nole continued: «There is always the ambition to win the biggest titles we have in our sport.

and it’s good to be in the story. We are in a particular time, but making history in this sport is currently the greatest motivation we all have”.

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