'Novak Djokovic'S Win Was Not Very Surprising', Says Atp Ace

«Novak Djokovic’s win was not very surprising,» says ATP ace

«I have not spoken with him about a possible withdrawal. There is speculation but at the moment he has no intention of retiring,» Toni Nadal, uncle and former coach of the Spanish champion, who surely has not been a starter, announced in an interview with Efe. its 2023 season.

better way. The current coach of Félix Auger-Aliassime was invited and held a didactic meeting with students from the Attendis schools in Fuengirola (in the province of Málaga), taking the opportunity to also talk about tennis.

Tío Toni said in his talk with the Spanish Press Agency: «Another thing to highlight and take into account is what the doctors say, now he is in more pain than would be expected. But for the Mallorcan the moment is still good and I am convinced that if he is fit, he will continue», he explained.

The fight for the GOAT and the greatest number of Grand Slam titles reopened again after the Australian Open, with the well-deserved and clear victory that the new world number one, Novak Djokovic, took home. The two are now tied on 22, and the next challenge to get back to the top solo will be in France.

Toni Nadal commented about it: «Winning the Serb is really difficult, because Nole is fresher than him. Hopefully Rafa has a chance at Roland Garros (his tournament). Then we’ll see what happens after the Paris Open. In the end it’s a fight tough against a great champion like Djokovic,» he added.

“At this point it is no longer about winning this or another tournament, but about continuing to fight and resist. What remains for him is to continue doing what he likes, what he has gotten used to since he was little.

He will also have to try to take advantage of all the opportunities and win titles that come his way.»

Thiem praises Nole Djokovic

The Big 3 of Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer have divided tennis fans over who deserves the GOAT title.

«It doesn’t surprise me much, Djokovic still looks young. Physically and mentally, from the way he moves on the court. It’s like he’s 25 years old. We have to be honest, he’s the best, so his win wasn’t very surprising,» Thiem said.

«At that time, at the end of the [2020] Australian Open, I reached my highest level of skills, both physical and tennis. Even so, I lost in five sets to Novak. I practically couldn’t play better and still lost. That says it all,» Thiem said.

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