'Novak Djokovic'S Absence Is A Real Shame', Says Top Coach

‘Novak Djokovic’s absence is a real shame,’ says coach

Daniil Medvedev is disappointed in Novak Djokovic’s absence from this year’s US Open as he believes the Serb would have been one of the main favorites for the title. Djokovic, a 21-time Grand Slam champion, withdrew from the US Open after being denied entry to the United States because he was not vaccinated.

Djokovic now misses out on his second Grand Slam in 2022 as he too was denied entry to the Australian Open. Djokovic played two Grand Slams this season and went as far as Wimbledon. «I would like him to play here.

We saw it at Wimbledon. He didn’t play many tournaments this year. He got there and won,» Medvedev said, via Eurosport. With Djokovic absent, Rafael Nadal has a chance to win his record 23rd Grand Slam and lead the Serb to two Grand Slams again.

«The rivalry against Rafa I really feel like it’s heating up in a way. 22, 21, a joke number. It’s a shame he’s not here. I think it would be a great story for tennis,» Medvedev said. Djokovic waited until the last moment for the CDC to change its policy on him and allow him to enter the United States.

«It’s a US government rule. It’s also completely understandable,» Medvedev added. Meanwhile, Medvedev prepares to start his title defense at the US Open. After losing the 2019 US Open final to Nadal, Medvedev won his first Grand Slam after beating Djokovic in last year’s US Open final.

Nole Djokovic located in Belgrade

The former coach of countless great players such as Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Andy Roddick and Mary Pierce, and now the simple director of his academy, Rick Macci, interviewed by the Mykhel site about Novak Djokovic’s absence from the US Open, was very disappointed and critical of his government.

«I don’t like it, it’s so bad for tennis. I don’t lose any sleep over it, but he played last year and COVID was worse. He played the year before and COVID was much worse. Now it’s in the rearview mirror.» mirror, but he’s not vaccinated, they don’t let people into the country, it’s a joke.

It makes no sense, really none. It is the government. I don’t think tennis has anything to do with it. It’s the government, you have to be vaccinated to come here, it’s unfortunate. This applies, in my opinion, not only to the best player in the world, but also to many other people who are not vaccinated, who may have been affected in their belongings, who have visited relatives or others.

It’s just that Djokovic, who I think will become the greatest player to ever hold a racket, will be in the spotlight if he is allowed to play tournaments. It seems that if you don’t get vaccinated, who knows where he will go.

I’m not in favor and I think they should have made a special exception, but if they do it for him, they have to do it for everyone.»

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