'Novak Djokovic Still Looks Young', Says Atp Ace

‘Novak Djokovic still looks young,’ says ATP ace

He was the only tennis player to take a set from Novak Djokovic throughout the entire 2023 Australian Open – Enzo Coucaud has been making a lot of noise lately for this particular aspect. Given the injury also announced by coach Craig Tiley in relation to the Serbian player (3 cm tear in the adductor), the Frenchman commented: “It was the first time I played against him.

From TV to reality, there is no comparison. About the physical problem that she said he had…it’s something important. Many athletes cannot continue with an injury like this. Nadal was injured and was unable to run. Mbappé, looking at football, will be out for 15 days.

We’re talking about the best, not those who don’t have access to the best care or equipment. It is difficult to believe that someone on Earth can do it», is the opinion expressed by the transalpine in an interview with Tennis Actu.

Nole’s rival in the second round of the Slam tournament added: «It all seems a bit far-fetched when you see the best one can’t get on the court, while the other champion wins a Grand Slam by playing for 15 days. It’s not like that.» It’s the same to have chronic pain than an injury.

There are little things that don’t make sense to me. I grew up with medical knowledge and was always told not to stretch with an injury. Seeing Novak instead of stretching all the time, makes you think they have a new method in Serbia or it’s weird.

I have gone too far to judge the authenticity of this injury. It is true that it seems hard to believe, «he commented. During the match, Coucaud also admitted physical problems:» I sprained at the beginning of the match against Djokovic.

They did an MRI in Australia, which confirmed two ligament injuries,» he revealed in conclusion.

Thiem on the GOAT debate

The Big 3 of Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer have divided tennis fans over who deserves the GOAT title.

«In my opinion, the Grand Slam titles should be the defining criteria when determining the best of all time, they are the four most important tournaments in tennis. Everything else is fine, but it is not the same. The Slams they are what counts, so probably the GOAT is the one with the most Grand Slams,» he said.

«It doesn’t surprise me much, Djokovic still looks young. Physically and mentally, from the way he moves on the court. It’s like he’s 25 years old. We have to be honest, he’s the best, so his win wasn’t very surprising,» Thiem said.

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