Novak Djokovic Collects A Prize Money Record From The Atp Finals

Novak Djokovic racks up record ATP Finals prize money

In Turin the final was played between the Serbian champion Novak Djokovic Y casper ruudto decree the new Teacher of the 2022 ATP Finals. The Serbian tennis player is the great favorite and has options to reach Roger Federer with 6 wins in the Finals, a record where the Swiss has reigned alone for a long time.

Incredible numbers for the Serbian tennis player, who has experienced a difficult season, due to his decision to give up the Covid vaccination. Nole won the Wimbledon tournament but lost the top ranking position due to being unable to participate in both the Australian Open and the US Open.

Now Nole is ready to take revenge and in Turin even his coffers could smile even more. At the end of the match against Fritz Nole he also spoke about the issue of the collection, clarifying the situation: «If I think about the dollars that I could earn? No, only the euros!

I heard Ibrahimovic at the time of his arrival at the Galaxy. A reporter asked him why he had turned down $100 million to move to another team. Ibra said: Money is not important. A lot of money is important and that is not enough.

I don’t think that way, don’t get me wrong. This is all public information: people know how much we earn. What the media does not write about are taxes and all other expenses. But that’s okay, I absolutely can’t sit here and talk about money as a problem in my life.

I was very lucky. They are a consequence of my tennis and the success that I have achieved together with my family and my team. For every euro he earned, he spent sweat and tears. I don’t take anything for granted, because I know how it feels to have nothing on the table.

I don’t forget where I come from and what era I grew up in. I know the opposite side of things and that helps me appreciate everything even more.»

Novak Djokovic, this is what the Serb could earn

Novak Djokovic has a chance to win all five challenges available at the ATP Finals and this would allow the Serb to not only improve his ranking but, above all, win the biggest cash in ATP Finals history.

Dizzying numbers that make you smile, important numbers made available by the tournament organizers. The winner of the ATP Finals takes home a $2.2 million prize, already the highest prize ever. A prize destined to rise for whoever has won all the matches of the tournament and the only one who can try it at the moment is Novak Djokovic.

Both Ruud and Rublev have lost a match, while Nole can do it en plein. This record would allow the Serbian champion to win up to 4 million 740 thousand dollars, a nice prize money for a tennis player who certainly does not look at the economic aspect but who can enter even more into the history of this sport.

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