'Novak Djokovic Is The Player To Beat', Says Top Analyst

‘Novak Djokovic is the player to beat’, says top analyst

Andrey Rublev believes that Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic are using their vast experience and knowledge of tennis to continue to be strong forces in the game. Nadal, 36, has won two Grand Slams this year and is now a record 22-time Grand Slam champion.

Djokovic, who failed to play two Grand Slams this year, has won Wimbledon this year and now has 21 Majors. “First of all, because they are among the greatest in all of history and it just so happens that they are at this very moment.

In addition, they have incredible experience from the path they have traveled in tennis. So they know exactly what to do at the right time,» Rublev told CLAY. Rublev has been one of the best players in recent years. Rublev has been a six-time Grand Slam quarterfinalist, but has never reached a Major semifinal. .

This year, Rublev identified the mental part as what prevents him from making a breakthrough at the Grand Slam. “At least it’s the first step. Many people do not want to accept that they have weaknesses, because perhaps they are afraid that others will know more about them, or perhaps out of selfishness.

It’s been a journey. I have known my weaknesses for many years. For me the mental is the most difficult. For me it is easier to improve the technical or physical aspect. Other players may find it difficult to improve their backhand and can easily control the mental part.

Each person has their weapons and their weaknesses. I improve my forehand very naturally, yes,» Rublev said. For the future, Rublev knows what he wants: Grand Slams and world number 1. «Of course I want to achieve the maximum.»

Croft defends Djokovic

Former British professional tennis player Annabel Croft has become lyrical about Novak Djokovic’s performance at Wimbledon this year. “I think it’s terrible what happened and the way it turned out (for Djokovic).

I think the whole thing is a mess. Not being able to play in Australia and the US Open was just ridiculous. He should have been allowed to play in the United States because when the tournament took place, restrictions had been lifted worldwide,» said Annabel Croft, speaking to Tennis365.

“And when you look ahead to next year, I have no doubt that Novak is the player to beat. You look at the way he played at Wimbledon, even after everything that happened to him, and it was flawless. He was magnificent and the way he found a way to beat Nick Kyrgois in the final was impressive,» he said.

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