'Novak Djokovic'S Going To Look At His Schedule', Says Atp Legend

‘Novak Djokovic is going to look at his schedule,’ says ATP legend

Carlos Alcaraz, after the injury that forced him to give up the last tournaments of the year plus those at the beginning of 2023, has staged a great victory lap on the circuit: victory in the 250 in Buenos Aires and the first two games won in the 500 of Rio de Janeiro.

Thus, the fight of the Murcian tennis player towards the top of the ranking that Novak Djokovic occupies resumes. The coach of the young Iberian, Juan Carlos Ferrero, referred to this and many other aspects: «It is a strange coincidence.

They are numbers: the year has just started, Djokovic is playing at a stratospheric level and what Carlos has to do is be at his highest level to be able to compete every week, getting positive tournaments that make him be close to Novak”, he said. former tennis player and coach.

«From the way the year has started, I think it has shown that Novak deserves to be number one. We started a bit later. I think it will be a good fight between the two of them and also between other players like Tsitsipas, Medvedev or others who they are close.

We are very motivated to do it and we will give it our all.» If Roland Garros is his big goal: «Roland Garros is a nice goal. I would be very happy to play better than last year there. Is the real goal to win a Grand Slam? Obviously after winning one you feel empowered to win another.

I think he has the level, the qualities and the surface to fight for the title, but obviously we know that there is Rafa, who if he is at a good level he will be the favourite, and Djokovic, who also has a very high level. on clay

It will be very difficult, but I am sure he will give his best and so will I.» On Djokovic’s injury in Australia. «I’m not going to call Djokovic a liar, but I will just say that I find it difficult. Tears and tears, his own word says it: the muscle is torn.

I see it difficult, if it were, Djokovic would move as he has moved.»

Todd Woodbridge comments on Djokovic

Novak Djokovic has more potential than ever to win the Calendar Grand Slam in 2023, suggests former Australian tennis player Todd Woodbridge.

«I think Novak Djokovic has the best chance he’s ever had to win the [Calendar] grand slam. I think all four Majors are on the table for him this year. I think that’s the absolute goal for him this season. I think he’s going to look at his schedule.

It will orchestrate you to perform at your best at all four Majors,» he said. I think the stars might be aligning for him given everything that’s unfolded in the last few years. He was head and shoulders above everyone else on the men’s side at the Australian Open. I haven’t seen that big a gap in my time,» Woodbridge observed.

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