Stephane Robert: &Quot;Novak Djokovic Helps Young Players A Lot&Quot;

«Novak Djokovic helps young players a lot»

During a recent interview, the former French athlete Stephen Robert praised Novak Djokovic stating that the Serbian champion is often willing to give advice and even finance the youngest out of his own pocket. Robert said: «Even in training, Nole is very serious, but at the same time he remains friendly.

He does not hesitate to give advice to the youngest, he is very involved and has sometimes even helped the youngest financially. The Novak Tennis Center in Belgrade is top-notch, Nole has given free access to tennis players from Serbia and neighboring countries.»

Nebojsa Jovanovic, head of an American management company, has called on the US Open organizers to do more about Novak Djokovic’s situation. Here are the words: «I cannot understand why the US Open organizers have not yet written a letter to convince the government to let Novak Djokovic in.

They have limited themselves to saying that they will respect the current regulations regarding the entry of foreigners. If Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal had a similar problem, I am convinced that they would have done everything possible to solve it.

Did you reply to my letter? Yes, they thanked me and said they will take my request into account.”

Novak 2022 edition and US Open

Novak Djokovic is one of the most talked about tennis players on the Tour. During his career, the 21-time Grand Slam title winner has been involved in particular events and has been at the center of criticism on several occasions.

In this 2022, Nole played Roland Garros and Wimbledon, but was forced to skip the Australian Open due to his decision not to get vaccinated against Covid-19. For the same reason, Nole will miss the US tour and he will most likely have to forgo the US Open.

This situation is clearly spoiling the fight at GOAT with Rafa Nadal leading 22-21 over Djokovic in this highly anticipated clash, but with the Serb forced to forfeit some tournaments despite himself. Despite all this, there are still those who defend the Serbian champion and praise his personal and human qualities.

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