'Novak Djokovic’s Got Everything You Need', Says Former Atp Star

‘Novak Djokovic has everything you need,’ says former ATP star

Six-time Grand Slam doubles champion Rennae Stubbs says Novak Djokovic is the best men’s tennis player right now. Djokovic, 35, wrote tennis history on Sunday after defeating Casper Ruud to tie Roger Federer’s all-time record of six ATP finals titles.

Djokovic competed in four tournaments during the indoor season, reaching four finals and capturing three titles – he won it all at the ATP Finals, the Tel Aviv Open and the Astana Open. «Novak Djokovic is the best player in the world.

21 Slams, 38 Masters, 6 ATP Finals (titles). crazy numbers. No matter who your favorite player is between Roger, Rafa and Novak, you can’t deny that he is the most dominant player on ALL surfaces. Whether on hard court, grass, clay or indoor court.

Can’t wait for the Australian Open,» Stubbs wrote on Twitter. The 2022 season was extremely challenging but also successful for Djokovic. In a limited number of tournaments played, Djokovic managed to win Wimbledon, the Rome Masters and the ATP Finals.

After winning it all in Turin, Djokovic spoke about his belief that everything happened for a reason. «Everything that has happened and everything that always happens, happens for a reason, so I try to have that kind of approach to life and my professional tennis career,» said the Serb.

«I try to really analyze why something happens, if it’s good or bad. And I think we attract things with our life, with what we think. What happened in Australia is something that somehow attracted. I don’t know what happened with the universe , but it happened.

It was a shock, and it took me months and months to recover.»

Rusedski talks about Djokovic

In that context, former US Open runner-up Greg Rusedski believes Novak Djokovic is looking more at Court’s record than Nadal’s current tally.

“I mean, let’s not forget that Martina Navratilova won her last Wimbledon title at 39, so I see Novak out there if she’s healthy for another four or five years, so imagine how many more Slams she’ll have under her belt.

I don’t think he wants to get the men’s record, I think he wants to get the all-time record. Margaret Court 24. Serena 23, she wants to be 25,» Greg Rusedski said while speaking to Prime Video. «There’s no question about it,» Rusedski said.

«He would have won it this year if he was allowed to play. He won it nine times, that’s his best Slam. There’s no question about it. Djokovic is just a step up, he’s just a world-class player, he’s got all the assets, he’s got everything you need».

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