Alexander Zverev: Novak Djokovic Has Completely Dominated Tennis In Last 10, 12 Years

Novak Djokovic has completely dominated tennis in the last 10, 12 years

Alexander Zverev recognized Novak Djokovic’s dominance in men’s tennis and congratulated the Serb on his upcoming setting of a major tennis record. This Monday, Djokovic tied Steffi Graf’s record of 377 weeks as world number 1.

Next Monday will mark Djokovic’s 378th week as the world number 1 and will set a new record for the most weeks at the top by a male or female player in tennis history. «Djokovic has completely dominated tennis in the last 10 or 12 years.

There’s a reason he’s consistently been at the top of the sport. That is something that is noticeable with this record, being the player with the most weeks as number one in history, be it a man or a woman. He is going to beat Steffi: as a German I liked that he had the record, but congratulations to Novak.

I’m sure he’s going to break more records, really. I don’t know if there are still too many to break, but the ones that are left, maybe I’ll break them», said Zverev, for break point.

Zverev’s update on his condition

Zverev, 25, skipped the entire second half of the 2022 season due to injury concerns.

After being out for an extended period, Zverev feels more grateful to be healthy and able to compete. Zverev, a former world number 2, is just 3-5 at the start of the 2023 season, but reveals that he is just beginning to find his way again.

«Yeah. When I don’t feel pain I really enjoy this sport. Since June of last year, in many moments it was not like that. It took a long time to come back. In tournaments like Australia he was still very limited in terms of what he could do.

do. She was still in some pain, I couldn’t move like I wanted to. I’m definitely going in another direction now. I’m starting to enjoy it again, as well as finding my way, which is great, because it gives you chances to win matches,» Zverev explained. This week, Zverev is competing in Doha, where he will face Andy Murray after a bye of first round.

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