Novak Djokovic Explains What He Wants To Continue Seeing At Laver Cup Going Forward

Novak Djokovic explains what he wants to continue to see at Laver Cup in the future

Novak Djokovic underlined that keeping it respectful is of key importance to the future of the Laver Cup. Last weekend, Djokovic represented Team Europe, who lost to Team World for the first time. But Djokovic and company accepted the defeat very well and congratulated their opponents for claiming victory.

«Look, as Roger said, coexisting in this environment with respect and admiration for each other is something that I feel we can all do, and we are, in a way, responsible for doing it,» Djokovic said. «I think it’s something that is rational and expected.»

Djokovic identifies positive aspects of the Laver Cup

Tennis is an individual sport, where players are alone on the court and have to figure it out for themselves. But in Laver Cup, it’s a completely different story as the players are divided into two teams.

When you are playing, you are supported by your teammates from the bench. Djokovic, who was playing in the Laver Cup for the second time, feels that there are many positive parts to the Laver Cup idea. «It’s also fair game.

I mean, those are the values ​​that we all try to live by in sports. And at the end of the day we are competitors,” Djokovic said. “We went out against each other. We want to win games, but off the pitch, that doesn’t mean we should never talk to each other.

Actually, I feel like these Laver Cup weeks in particular are strengthening the bonds. I feel like as Roger mentioned we have the opportunity and the time to go into each other’s brains and spend some quality time off the court having some really interesting conversations about tennis of course mainly and life in general which It allows us to understand and get to know each other. better, you know, which I think is very nice. It sends a great message to everyone.»

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