Novak Djokovic Congratulates Aryna Sabalenka On Australian Open Title

Novak Djokovic congratulates Aryna Sabalenka on her Australian Open title

Novak Djokovic congratulated Aryna Sabalenka on becoming Grand Slam champion at the Australian Open. Sabalenka, 24, defeated Elena Rybakina 4-6 6-3 6-4 in the final of the Australian Open. After suffering three Grand Slam semifinal losses, Sabalenka finally made a breakthrough at the Grand Slam at Melbourne Park.

Djokovic, who also became a Grand Slam champion at the 2008 Australian Open, took a moment to congratulate Sabalenka. «Congratulations @sabalenka_aryna», Djokovic wrote on his Instagram story.

Sabalenka receives a congratulatory message from Djokovic

Sabalenka has been considered one of the best players in the game for several years.

After winning her first Grand Slam title at age 24, Sabalenka admitted she felt instant relief. “It’s all in one moment. It’s a relief because I’ve been in the top 10, a top 10 player, but I didn’t have a Grand Slam trophy yet.

It’s been very difficult to achieve, super emotional, every slam was super emotional, and right now, when I finally get it, it’s a relief, it’s joy. I’m proud of myself, my team and everybody, you know,» Sabalenka said. Barbara Schett of Eurosport.

Moments after beating Rybakina, Sabalenka walked over to her team to give everyone a big hug. During those moments, she Sabalenka was visibly moved to see tears of joy on her face. “To be honest, I was a bit swearing, it’s crazy.

These guys are like my family, you know. We have been through very hard times and they have been there for me, they have supported me in the hardest moments. I felt responsibility towards them, you know, for this trophy.

I felt these guys deserve it and I was crying over everything,» Sabalenka said. On Monday, Sabalenka will return to world number 2. It will be interesting to see if Sabalenka can win more Grand Slams in the rest of 2023.

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