'Novak Djokovic Ate Everything', Says Atp Ace

‘Novak Djokovic ate ​​everything,’ says ATP ace


The apparent injury suffered by Novak Djokovic during his participation in the Australian Open he is still on the air. Now it was the coach of the number two in the world, the Spanish Juan Carlos Ferrero, who gave his opinion on the incident in which the Serb was involved and which brought him much criticism, especially from Rafael Nadal’s fans.

«I am not going to call Djokovic a liar, but I will only say that I see it as difficult. The breaks and the tears, his own word says it: the muscle is broken. I see it as difficult, if it were like that, Djokovic.» he would move as he did. Obviously if he has the ability to endure brutal pain, which could be, good for him and he deserves to have won», commented the ‘Mosquito’.

“Personally, having played my entire career and having injuries, I find it very, very difficult, if not impossible. Obviously when he says it, he will explain it well, the tournament director has said it and you have to trust what they say”, added Carlos Alcaraz’s mentor.

It is clear that they did not like the triumph of ‘Nole’ at Melbourne Park. He has just replaced Alcaraz at the top of the men’s ranking. Now the Serbian is number one in the world and I don’t take his pupil with me. During his participation in the Australian Open, Djokovic was harshly criticized and they even questioned his «injury».

In the end, it is a reality that little or nothing affects his rivals, whom he dominated at will. Do you think Juan Carlos Ferrero is right when he says that it is impossible for a person to recover from a tear in a matter of days?

Stan Wawrinka talks about Djokovic

Stan Wawrinka kept singing praises to Novak Djokovic.

“Novak is the best player today and he has shown it in everything he has done for 20 years. They broke all the records between him, Rafa and Roger. They took everything and ate everything. They are the best players in the history of tennis. .

Unfortunately, there have been several generations that have broken their teeth against them. I think that the one who comes now, little by little will take over. It’s inevitable and it’s going to happen after a while.

But we are talking about the greatest players in the history of the game. We’re not just talking about great players,» added Stan Wawrinka.


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