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Norrie: «Murray is my big idol»

British tennis player Cameron Norrie reached the final of the Argentina Open after winning a tough game. Below is their statement.

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Cameron Norrie reached his second final of the season after eliminating a great John Paul Varillas in a tough match. The British disputed the definition already in the publication ATP de Auckland at the beginning of the year when he crashed before Richard Gasquet. With Facundo Lugones (coach), Julian Romero (physiology) and Guillermo Nunez (extennis player, current assistant), the world number 12 bought it on tennis clay to win important matches and go to the championship.

Norrie’s statements

Competing against local tennis players was not easy for Norrie as he suffered from the Argentine fans. However, he told the press before: «I loved playing against the Argentines. The fans are loud and create a great atmosphere«. And then he added: «The final with Alcaraz will be incredible«.

On the other hand, he analyzed what he felt with people: «It is very special to see so many people come to see the quality. It was cold yesterday and people were watching. People are very passionate about tennis. I was able to play at my best level and give the people what they wanted to see. I won three very good games«.

Norrie then said:My idol was Andre Agassi. I read your book and had a lot of respect for it. I also liked Verdasco who played some great games. when I moved to London I started training with Andy and got to know him very well and admired him a lot. He is my big idol. I learned many things from him«.

Finally, he commented:It was a very tough box with great players with powder. It’s not the most comfortable surface for me, but I have a chance to play the final. I hope to do my best and win the championship«.

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