Fognini Nole Mas Fuerte

«Nole is the strongest and the numbers show it»

The Italian tennis player spoke in an interview with the Italian newspaper Il Corriere dello Sport. Fognini showed the greatness shown by Novak Djokovic after a difficult 2022 by participating in major tournaments. That’s why he didn’t miss an opportunity to praise her.

Italy’s record holder

Fabio Fognini is already in the last moments of his career as a professional athlete, so the idea of ​​planning his future away from the track as a player is approaching. In an interview with a prestigious Italian newspaper, a racket shaped like the country’s boot He talked about the importance of Novak Djokovic in the big 3 which also includes Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer. He also mentioned reasons for whether he will return to the slopes sooner or lateras well as the importance of your project in which you intend to participate teaching young people mistakes that should not be made in order to utilize its full potential.

Fabio Fognini on the importance of Novak Djokovic to fans

«Nole is the strongest and the numbers show it, but he’s also the least loved of the big three. It’s hard to find the right term for that. Last year, he missed two Grand Slam tournaments and four Masters 1000 tournaments, but still managed to qualify for the ATP Finals. After everything that happened in Melbourne last year, he came back and made his mark. Him, Roger and Rafa they have monopolized the circuit and wrote the history of this sport.

The Italian does not know if he will be able to play tournaments in the short term

«I have always felt loved in Argentina. However, I don’t want to take the riskI will only play if the doctors give me the green light.»

To help the young promises of your future

«Back To Netx Management was born with a goal to help children transition from youth tournaments to professionalism. Currently Flavio Cobolli, Matteo Gigante, Mattia Arnaldi and Andrea Pellegrino are part of our team. I would like to extend my hand like that don’t make the same mistakes that I».

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