No one can match the elegance or charisma of Roger Federer

Adrian Mannarino believes that Novak Djokovic is the greatest player of all time, but also pointed out that no one can match Roger Federer’s elegance and charisma. Djokovic, Federer and Rafael Nadal are widely considered the three greatest players in tennis history.

Tennis fans love the GOAT debate and many have their pick for the greatest of all time. But there are also fans who believe that there is something special and unique about each of the three players mentioned, and therefore there is no definitive answer to the GOAT debate.

«I think the best player is Djoko. Roger, you can never match elegance and charisma. Afterwards, judging the GOAT is impossible,» Mannarino said on the We Are Tennis podcast, according to Quentin Moynet.

Mannarino praises the greatness of Djokovic, Federer

Djokovic and Nadal are still active, while Federer recently retired from professional tennis.

During his astonishing career, Federer captured 20 Grand Slams and enjoyed success on almost every level. In a recent appearance on The Daily Show, Federer admitted to host Trevor Noah that at the start of his career he didn’t think he would end up as successful.

«No, no, I didn’t know it was going to turn out so well. In Switzerland, we don’t dream so big. We hope to be good, not great. And in sports, it’s probably skiing, and there’s a little bit of football, a little bit of ice Hockey.

And then tennis was coming and luckily we had an Olympic champion Marc Rosset in ’92. He won the tennis Olympics and then we had Martina Hingis who won the US Open and Wimbledon. And they kind of paved the way for me to show me that it was possible.

And then people said that I could be the next Pete Sampras, and I had talent and all that. But you feel like they always say that at some point. I never thought he would have such a big career. So I couldn’t be more excited, happier and prouder of everything. Unfortunately, it has come to an end. But it’s been great,» Federer told Trevor Noah on The Daily Show.

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