Nicolas Lapentti Identifies Why Roger Federer Was So Difficult To Beat

Nicolas Lapentti identifies why Roger Federer was so hard to beat

Former world number 6 Nicolas Lapentti admitted that it was «very difficult to find a weak point» in Roger Federer’s play during their matches. Lapentti, 46, retired from professional tennis in 2010. During his career, Lapentti faced Federer four times in singles.

In those four meetings, Lapentti did not win a single set as Federer picked up four straight sets wins over the Ecuadorian. At the end of September, the 41-year-old Federer ended his professional tennis career at the Laver Cup. Reflecting on Federer’s parting, Lapentti said he was the best example of how loved and respected Federer was in the tennis community.

Lapentti: You hit him a good shot, Federer responds with a better shot

«He was that kind of player where you would play a good shot and he would come back with a better shot. It was very hard to find a weak point. Roger was amazing in every aspect.

He was great on the court, he was great off the court, he was awesome in the locker room, he used to hang out and be funny and make jokes. He loved soccer, so we talked about soccer. He was all class. Of course, what he did to the world of tennis was incredible.

I don’t think anyone will ever match what he did. That was huge (Federer’s Laver Cup expulsion). I have a couple of friends who were at the stadium and they would text me and say, ‘I’ve never seen the whole stadium crying in my whole life.

It was crazy, but that’s what Roger did to the world of tennis. We played doubles in Halle in 2000, when I was still better than him. He was still going up. In 2000, I was there and he probably wasn’t. 30 in the world and it was coming up, he was a young man from Switzerland playing some great tennis,» Lapentti said on Craig Shapiro’s podcast, according to Sportskeeda.

In 2002, Federer defeated Lapentti in Hamburg and Madrid. Two years later, Federer and Lapentti met again in Hamburg – the Swiss won again in straight sets. Their fourth and last meeting came in 2010, when Federer defeated Lapentti in Miami.

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