Nicolas Barrientos Furious With Atp Naples! What Happened

Nicolás Barrientos furious with ATP Naples! What happened

Nicolás Barrientos is furious with the ATP Naples board! The controversy continues over the ATP 250 from southern Italy, which after the disastrous issue related to the playing fields will now have to face what happened with the Colombian tennis player.

On his official Twitter account, Barrientos wanted to share his bad experience in the tournament and let off steam: «I arrive at the hall after playing my match at 5 in the afternoon and I find all my personal belongings and those of my wife, badly packed, with various things scattered on the floor.

I check my email and see that I received a message at 4:00 pm while I was playing, informing me that I had to change hotels again. They had already changed my hotel once on the second day of my arrival, I think I do not need to mention the history of the courses that everyone already knows, with the qualifiers and the first round of doubles being played in a club 40 minutes from the official club.

The tournament has very few machines and you can already imagine how difficult it is to get from one place to another.»

Nicolás Barrientos furious with ATP Naples! What happened

The Colombian tennis player, however eliminated in the first round of the doubles tournament where he played with Reyes-Varela, asked himself: «How can this happen in an ATP250? Not even in a Challenger had this ever happened to me, even if it had happened to my partner in a tournament organized by the same company as this 250.

Then, the request for justice: «I hope that the ATP takes measures to prevent players from having to face these situations, especially when the same incident is repeated in tournaments organized by the same company.»

And he continues down hard: «The poor organization and planning of this tournament made it impossible to address all the problems that arose.» Below is the video posted as proof of what happened to Barrientos.

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