Nick Kyrgios To Carlos Alcaraz: &Quot;I Told You!&Quot;

Nick Kyrgios to Carlos Alcaraz: «I told you so!»

Carlos Alcaraz surprise everyone once again: win the first Grand Slam title and conquer the top of the ranking. At 19, the Spanish tennis player is among the youngest ever to lift a Grand Slam trophy and the youngest number one in the world: thanks to a four-set final victory over Casper Ruud in the US Open final.

A result that culminates a season in strong growth: the new Grand Slam champion had started the year as world number 31 and the US Open quarterfinals as the highest milestone in a Grand Slam. If promotion to the top of the ranking seemed within reach for Carlos Alcaraz, who has been increasing his position over the months, the Grand Slam goal still seemed like an elusive goal.

His main achievement had come at the last Roland Garros, where he won the quarterfinals, losing to Alexander Zverev; at the other two Grand Slams, however, the road was broken in both cases in the fourth round.

Carlos Alcaraz’s anecdote

Predicting the victory of the Slam title, therefore, was not easy: however, someone has guessed the right bet.

Eurosport had asked on social networks who would be the candidate for the US Open title, among several profiles, including Carlos Alcaraz. Pointing out the Spanish as the winning candidate was Nick Kyrgioswho had put it in black and white in an Instagram story.

In the press conference after the victory, the Spaniard recalled this prediction made by Kyrgios before the tournament. Thus, the winner of the US Open told the funny message that the Australian sent him. Nick explained: «I’m honest, I checked the private messages on Instagram.

I saw the message from Nick Kyrgios. I didn’t get the whole message, but I did read: I told you so!” In these hours Alcaraz has broadcast several interviews to the Iberian media, from RTVE to Agencia Efe, without forgetting ABC and Antena 3 Deporte.

The Spaniard is really very ambitious, here are his words: «I reached a goal very quickly, but it’s time to set new goals. I’ll keep working to be at the top for as long as possible. Honestly, I’m not there yet.» aware of what I have done and the impact I have had.

I want to go to Spain and see all my people, I want to see with my own eyes what is happening.»

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