Nick Kyrgios Reveals What Kind Of Personality He Is Off-Court

Nick Kyrgios reveals what kind of personality he has off the court

Nick Kyrgios admits that he has always been an emotional player and noted that his occasional outburst just shows that he cares about the game. In 2019, Kyrgios had a breakdown during his Cincinnati match against Karen Khachanov.

After winning his Cincinnati first-round match on Tuesday, Kyrgios was asked if he felt he might have a similar outburst again. «Oh definitely,» Kyrgios said, according to Sportskeeda. «I feel like I’ve been an emotional tennis player for my entire career.

Ever since I picked up a racket, my mom used to watch me throw tantrums and cry on the court and get emotional when I lost. I think that’s kind of just me showing that I care about the outcome. I think that’s important.

You know, a kid should care about the result, and I’ve never accepted losing, you know, without beating myself up after the match or during the match. You know, I’ve always cared a lot about results.»

Kyrgios: I am very calm and relaxed off the court

Kyrgios may be showing too much emotion and passion on the court, but it’s a completely different story off the court. «You rarely see me throw my racket,» Kyrgios added.

«You have the occasional outburst, but no more than any other player. I feel like it’s something I’ve worked a lot on, obviously on the court, because off the court I’m super relaxed. You never have outbursts.»

I am quite relaxed. On the court, it’s taken a lot of work to get to a point where it’s like, ‘This guy, you can clearly tell he’s been working on stuff, he’s got his own personality, but sometimes he walks a fine line, but is worked on it.

Kyrgios, 27, has been playing the tennis of his life this season. Kyrgios recently finished second to Novak Djokovic in the Wimbledon final while winning in Washington after beating Yoshihito Nishioka in the final.

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