'Nick Kyrgios Has A Reputation For It', Says Atp Star

‘Nick Kyrgios has a reputation for it,’ says ATP star

Nick Kyrgios believes that past relationships and life’s mistakes can be used as a great learning experience and that’s the approach he’s taking. While Kyrgios was in the midst of a slump at Wimbledon, in Australia he was accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend Chiara Passari.

After Kyrgios split from Passari, he began dating Costeen Hatzi at the end of 2021. Kyrgios and Hatzi have been together for over a year and their relationship seems to be thriving as the Australian has played the tennis of his life for the past few years. last years. .

Next month, Kyrgios’ lawyers will try to get the case dismissed on mental health grounds. In an interview with The Sunday Times, Kyrgios was asked if he had any comments to make about his past relationships. «I guess it’s all a learning experience.

Not just in relationships, but even in tennis matches where I’ve lost my cool or misplayed the point, you just look back and know how to handle things better,» Kyrgios told The Sunday Times. A few years ago , Kyrgios found himself in a very difficult dark moment and self-harm, abusing alcohol and drugs.

While Kyrgios was going through that hell, he kept playing tennis and reaping notable victories. «That scares me, because it may seem like someone is on top of the world, but you never really understand the internal battles they’re going through,» Kyrgios said.

During his darkest period, Kyrgios felt like there was no one to open up to. When Kyrgios went public with his story last year, he wanted to help others going through similar issues to open up and believe that better days were ahead.

“I didn’t really have anyone to open up to, and every time I did they’d say, ‘Oh, you’ve got to get over it.’

Kokkinakis opens up about Kyrgios

During his press conference after his semi-final loss to Bautista Agut, Nick Kyrgios’s best friend wanted to talk about his friend.

According to Thanasi Kokkinakis, Nick is not a saint, but he tries his best to make things work. “I think some of the things that Nick Kyrgios does that people see as negative are pushed a little bit more than others because he maybe has a reputation for doing it.

Some of his acts are in the news precisely because it is him, while if they were other players it would not be the case. However, Nick is not a saint. He did things that are probably justified. I think some of these things are unfair.

At the end of the day, he tries to do the best he can. There is a lot of pressure on him. He feels that he is trying to do his best. Sometimes he gets along with it. They all manage in different ways. He had a phenomenal year last year. He will continue to give his best ”.

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