'Nick Kyrgios Has Got A Good Shot To Make...', Says Former Ace

‘Nick Kyrgios has a good shot to make…’, says former ace

Nick Kyrgios has recently returned to debate with critics on his social profiles, also relaunching the importance of his figure in sport. The Australian tennis player has always divided public opinion due to the harsh attitudes shown on the court over the years and the statements made in various press conferences against his rivals.

His character has not helped him many times to win the battles that matter and to always express all the talent he can count on at every prestigious event on the ATP Tour. In 2022, however, the Australian relaunched his game with excellent performances and a concentration on the pitch never before shown.

Many rivals have not been able to stand up to him and the 27-year-old has thus achieved very satisfactory results, such as the Wimbledon final and winning titles. Nick also exhibited himself in some challenges with Stefanos Tsitsipas and the then number one Daniil Medvedev, in which he once again demonstrated his full potential.

The tennis player Kyrgios has a love story with the influencer Costteen Hatzi. Costteen is a beautiful Australian who has mentally changed Nick’s priorities. Kyrgios seems like a nice guy now, even though he still has some bad boy statements, which he keeps uttering about situations and other tennis players.

The couple jokes about this situation and Costteen herself joked on her social networks stating that she deserves the coach of the year award. Nick has also improved as a person, as evidenced by the sea change in his relationship with Novak Djokovic.

Before he had made repeated public statements against the Serbian tennis player, now the two are in full bromance. Nick could achieve very important goals in 2023, the season that has already started several days ago, also thanks to his girlfriend.

Costteen often posts very sensual photos and videos, which highlight her beauty.

Prakash Amritraj praises Kyrgios

Prakash Amritraj feels that Nick Kyrgios has a great chance to achieve something extraordinary. «Look, there’s going to be some serious contenders there,» Amritraj said.

«We’re going to see Carlos Alcaraz come back healthy, the youngest number 1 we’ve ever had on tour and I know we’ll get to this, but I think our boy Nick Kyrgios has a good chance to make something special happen in Australia.» But look, the biggest story has to be Novak, especially after the way he had to go last year.

Those feelings are still inside him when he came back. Novak loves a little chip on his shoulder and that will help him get stronger. Many great athletes work this way. I can’t wait to see how hungry he comes out this year,» he stated.

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