John Mcenroe: Nice To See Aryna Sabalenka Winning Grand Slam After Lot Of Adversity

Nice to see Aryna Sabalenka win Grand Slam after much adversity

John McEnroe labeled Aryna Sabalenka as «a great talent» and added that he believes the Belarusian winning a Grand Slam is a great thing for women’s football. Sabalenka, 24, won her first Grand Slam title by beating Elena Rybakina in the final of the Australian Open.

Last year, Sabalenka had a challenging season filled with ups and downs. But as of the start of the 2023 season, Sabalenka is 11-0 and has moved up to world number 2. “I am very happy for Sabalenka. In his game, he had the yips at his service.

At the first point of the match, she double faulted and Rybakina played very well and served very well. This is the best thing for women’s tennis, to see that kind of emotion and to see the perseverance that she’s been able to overcome and keep going.

She’s a huge talent and she’s been through a roller coaster, and it’s great that she was able to come back emotionally. you hear about [Naomi] Osaka in recent years, and now you hear about Swiatek struggling emotionally.

It’s nice to see someone who has had a hard time coming out the other side doing something as big as Sabalenka did,» McEnroe said. eurosport.

McEnroe happy for Sabalenka

After winning Adelaide in her first tournament of the year, Sabalenka won her first Grand Slam title.

In the past, Sabalenka enjoyed some good Grand Slam runs: three times she reached the semifinal and then lost. After he wrapped up the 2022 season, Sabalenka took some time to reflect on what he needed to change. Throughout January, Sabalenka talked about being a much calmer and more collected player on the court now.

Additionally, Sabalenka jokingly described herself as «bored» several times during his time in Australia. The shift in focus and attitude has done wonders for Sabalenka at the start of the 2023 season and she will no doubt look forward to doing more great things in the remainder of the year.

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