Kecmanovic Nalbandian Separan Caminos

Nalbandian’s and Kecmanovic’s paths diverge

Miomir Kecmanovic announces on social media that he no longer works with David Nalbaldian. The Serbian has announced that he will no longer work with the former Argentine tennis player, with whom he has had success on the professional circuit in recent years.

A perfectly amicable end to the relationship

Kecmanovic He has come into his own this season, repeating quarterfinals at the Masters 1000 in Indian Wells and Miami, starring in an authentic match against Alcarazi. In addition, he has starred in a rise of more than 10 places since he began working with the Argentine, placing in the top 30. His best result in a Grand Slam this year is the fourth round of the Australian Open. This season has been a big growth for the Balkan player, who at 23 has seen a big improvement in his game.

Kecmanovic confirms that the former player has helped him with countless things, from building the point to the way he executes shots. In addition, Miomir and David have a very close relationship where they have had great moments together. He also believes that having someone with so much experience in his corner has made him better when it counts. After almost two years together, both parties seem to be on good terms, wish each other well for the future in their own social media posts.

Serbia’s progress

Kecmanovic was around 40th in the ATP rankings when he decided to include Nalbandian in his technical team. Thanks to the work done together, the Serb is currently ranked 29th in the world. At the moment It is not known who will be the coach of the Balkans and the Argentine’s professional future. The Argentinian started competing in motorsports after quitting club sports and became a rally driver for Argentina. He ended that phase by becoming a coach, but his love of extreme sports means the door won’t close.

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