Mi Historia Nikolás Sánchez Izquierdo

«My Story» with Nikolás Sánchez Izquierdo

Canal Tenis had the opportunity to find Nikolás Sánchez Izquierdo at ITF Torelló. The Spanish tennis player continues to progress and achieve his goals.

Nikolas Sánchez Izquierdo He is one of those players who continues to grow in the pros. Little by little, the Spaniard establishes his position on the Challenger circuit and continues to burn the stages. He admits that devoting himself to tennis as a professional is already a dream the goal is to reach the Top 100 as soon as possible. Sánchez Izquierdo explained to Canal Tenis how he joined the world of tennis. He also admits that he follows tennis often. Among his best moments on the track, he remembers his victories and the worst, those two wrist injuries.

His brother’s story

As an anecdote, I remember one strange thing that he won his first game Bolivia, because his brother is adopted. With a smile, he recalls that he did not win in Spain as a child after playing four or five tournaments and when they went to adopt, he won the first match there. Sánchez Izquierdo is a very humble tennis player and the best trip is to go to his vacation town. Monologues are one of his hobbies. Remember that the ATP Gijón tournament and the opportunity he had was the best stage he has played so far.

You couldn’t miss the «Canal Tennis Quick Questions» to learn more about your tastes and preferences. In addition, Nikolás Sánchez Izquierdo trained his perfect tennis player. Here he chose Isner (serve), Alcaraz (right), Djokovic (backhand), Djokovic (return), Federer (volley) and Fognini (fastest).

A great experience for Canal Tennis from a player who continues to grow and has very clear ideas to progress on the men’s circuit and fight to achieve the dreams he has in mind.

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