Diego Schwartzman On His Poor Form: My Level Is Very Low, I'M Not Even Competitive

My level is very low, I’m not even competitive.

Diego Schwartzman admits that his level has been very low in recent months and pointed out that he doesn’t even look competitive in his matches. Schwartzman, a former world number 8, was dismantled by Barbane Zapata Miralles, ranked 74th, 6-1, 6-3 in his first match in Buenos Aires.

Following his last loss, Schwartzman fell to a 1-4 record in 2023. Also, it should be noted that Schwartzman finished the 2022 season with seven straight losses. «It’s hard to find any explanation for this game, this moment in my career.

My level is very low and I’m not even competitive right now,» Schwartzman said, according to José Morgado.

What is going on with Schwartzman?

Schwartzman entered the match against Zapata Miralles as the favorite, but it didn’t look like it as the Spaniard broke the Argentine three times to easily win the first set.

After easily losing the first set, Schwartzman managed to break Zapata Miralles twice in the second set, but he didn’t even come close to winning the set as he was broken four times. Last week, Schwartzman was defeated by Juan Manuel Cerundolo in his first Cordona match.

After losing to Cerundolo, Schwartzman revealed that his father’s health issues were negatively affecting his tennis. “My father was hospitalized for three weeks and just got out (of the hospital) yesterday. For two weeks I was spending hours in the clinic.

These are not excuses, but perhaps I have less patience. I get more frustrated when I play. My personal situation affects me. If you see me train, I’m doing very well and that’s how I feel on a day-to-day basis, but when it comes to competing I’m not feeling my moments.

Sometimes I try and I’m wrong, other times I stay a little behind and I’m wrong. It’s hard to find a clear reason for that, other than sometimes the discomfort is combined with a bad moment of confidence and it results in a bad play,» Schwartzman said last week.

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