Murray Monfils Aix Provence

Murray overtakes Monfils in Aix en Provence first round

Andy Murray survives the first round. Britti eliminated the always tough Gael Monfils with a score of 6-3, 6-2.

tournament draw

tournament results

first round Aix en Provence Challenger. The center court left us with a real match between two experienced players. Andy Murray was facing Gael Monfils. Britti came to this tournament looking for better experiences than those that were obtained on the court at the beginning of the tour. Two losses and no wins. In Madrid, they lost to the Italian Vavassori 6-2, 7-6. Monfils, on the other hand, had one more win than his rival, but the same losses. 2-1 on clay tour. The Frenchman wanted to continue the rhythm he was playing with before the injury. The favorite was Andy Murray, but the local player was Gael Monfils. With these two players, you never know what can happen.

Andy starts with better feelings

The match started with both strikes quite easily. The low confidence they entered the game with was palpable. As the set progressed, the level of tennis rose. The first break of the match came in the fourth set. Andy Murray broke his serve and took the lead. Monfils didn’t give up and countered to level the game again. Murray, who played better, broke the French serve again. The lack of rhythm was noticeable in Gaelic. With this advantage, it was enough and Murray won the first set 6-3.

Murray closes out the game

The series got off to a slow start. Both players know and respect each other a lot. Monfils had to pick up two break points in the first game. Equality took over the scoreboard. We saw the first break in the fifth game. Andy Murray managed to break his serve and take the lead. I confirm the break and make it 4-2. With this advantage, he let loose and started to show his best tennis. The French could do nothing against the British. Another break came for Andy, which was final. He settled the game and finished the game 6-2.

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