Moro Canas Misolic Challenger Tenerife 2

Moro Cañas plays its match in Tenerife 2

The Spanish tennis player achieves another important victory on his journey through Tenerife. Moro Cañas manages to keep his good rhythm in the last part of the match and spoils Filip Misoloc’s comeback attempt, which he ends up winning in straight sets (7-5, 7-5) after 2h04min of intense tennis on the islands.

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Alejandro Moro Cañas faced another of encounters important on the Challenger circuit in the new season of 2023. He did it after participating in the competition men’s Tenerife final table 2where he arrived after passing the previous stage, leaving his countrymen as Daniel Mérida and Álvaro López San Martín. For him, his rival in this match, the Austrian Filip Misolic, he made it directly to the final rounds thanks to a better world ranking. in your case gather together for a meeting, where he comfortably beat local tennis player Cedrik-Marcel Stebe. Indoors against the head there were no precedents between the two playersso it would be the first meeting between the two clubs.

Spanish pride takes the first sleeve

The match started strongly for Filip Misolic. The young Austrian tennis player managed to get the first point of the match. At this moment, Alejandro Moro Cañas would respond with up to three consecutive points, adds a 2-1 service outage. At this moment, Mosolic broke the Spaniard’s streak and managed to save a breaking ball against him. With an empty game, the situation would be 4-2 Moro Cañas. Masolic could have changed the course of the game after momentarily turning the tide, went up 5-4 in his favor at the service break 4-4. Finally and after three consecutive points, Alejandro Moro Cañas manages to take the first sleeve after getting another important breaking ball.

Going against the grain to win

At the beginning of the second period Filip Misolic dominated the original result again after a tight spot. At this point, he would add three consecutive points, including a break, to turn the score around and take the lead. Now Misolic would add three points to turn the score around, he had two break points to his advantage and 5-3. The same amount of points would be added again by Moro Cañas, who would add two more breaks to make it 6-5 and to end the opening game. Eventually Alejandro Moro Cañas would add match point with an empty gamewhich would see him continue in Tenerife Challenger 2, where he is already awaiting a challenger.

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