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Monteiro fights Ramos

Thiago Monteiro reached the second round of the ATP 250 in Santiago by defeating Albert Ramos Vinolas 7-5, 4-6, 7-5 in three hours.

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It was the last stop of the South American tour on the clay ATP circuit Albert Ramos Vinolas a new tournament ahead in the capital of Chile. It was measured against the Brazilian Thiago Monteiro. It was the seventh time they faced the Catalans and they came into this match with a more than positive balance of 5-1.

Monteiro leaves himself behind

The duel started with a very good performance from the Spanish player as he took the lead. In addition, he then had another chance to get out more effectively, but in the end it was not possible. The Brazilian was the closest to electronics and this step forward gave him a lot of morale as he was moved quickly. He tied the appointment and continued to be very involved in the appointment, finding himself very even.

At 5-5, the Catalan saw another opportunity that escaped him as he was 15-40. Another strike that made it 5-6 for Thiago and showed that he put his confidence first in the meeting 7-5 in part that it had become very difficult.

Ramos equalises

Albert managed to take the lead in the first game and that helped him take a step forward. Then he had to watch Monteiro create a chance, but it wasn’t enough. The Spaniard maintained the gap he got and was possible on his journey. Both handled their turns very well on the first stroke and especially Albert who was ahead. Because, it was 6-4 he found.

very vivid ending

As in the other two heats, Ramos Vinolas was back in front. The match brought with it the excitement and fight that these two players usually provide per series. Monteiro leveled, suffered and then took the lead. He reached 5-3 to serve out the game, but exactly, Mataró integrated into that battle, broke to continue a lively tournament in Chile.

In the last moments, Monteiro was able to take another more important step and finally broke Ramos to reach the second round of the ATP 250 in Santiago. The Spaniard, at 5-5, was 15-40, and then the Brazilian managed to get his first match point.

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