Monaco Alcaraz Necesita Dosificar

Monaco: «Either Alcaraz changes or at 22 he goes on crutches»

The Italian tennis player believes that the Spaniard should simplify his movements in defense as they could lead to future injuries.

Carlos Alcaraz is also out of the Monte Carlo Masters 1000 due to injury and this has sparked a lot of debate in the tennis world. Guido Monaco works as a commentator for Eurosport and talked about the Murcia player’s announcement about the tournament. In your opinion, The defensive style of the Spanish tennis player could lead to serious problems in the future. Monaco feel that Alcaraz is exuberant and risks a lot with some defenses where he overextends. In addition, he compared Carlos’ style to Novak Djokovic’s style in defense.

«Djokovic, who has a similar defensive game, only does so in certain games. He, on the other hand, is superior at the highest level and has exposed himself to a few injuries.» were the words of the Italian. In his last game against Sinner, we could see exactly what the commentator was talking about, with Alcaraz making several very demanding recoveries. Murcia is shackled in the season finale, plagued by injuries and a complicated start. After missing the Australian Open and Davis Cup last year, Carlos will now miss the Monte Carlo Masters.

«Alcaraz needs to learn to dose himself because if he continues like this he will end up on crutches at 22. He can’t do 80 splits per game, even though we’re talking about a very talented athlete. He mentioned a problem with his left hand and his back. He did well because he spent half the tournament in splits, so he has to learn that.» Indeed, it seems that the Spanish tennis player’s self-demand in defense is taking its toll and there are several tournaments that he has already missed. Speaking of the Principality tournament, Nadal is also absent due to injury.

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