México Renuncian Copa Davis

Mexican players withdraw from Davis Cup

Several tennis players who were going to represent Mexico in the qualifying rounds of the Davis Cup withdraw from playing the series against Taiwan. Apparently there were a number of conflicts with their country’s alliance that made them decide not to engage in an immediate international engagement with their country.

invited players

A bad future looms for the Mexican tennis federation after its players quit. For this reason, they decide not to participate in the country’s Davis Cup qualifiers. All this was communicated by the players themselves. Next weekend, the match against the Taiwan team will no longer be played. Everything seems to point to a failure in the care and planning received. Specially Mexico advanced to the final of the highest national team competition in 1962 which they lost to Australia. In 1986 and 1987, they managed to inaugurate themselves as quarter-finalists after a drought from which they never managed to recover.

The players’ statement about the situation experienced by the entire union

«After difficult consideration and several business dialogues with the Mexican Federation in search of the best performance for the team, no positive conclusion has been reached, and therefore we have decided not to participate in the next series. We are in the best possible way Collaborate on the optimal design of future series of national representatives.

Those who were invited and decided to stand up are Santiago González, Ernesto Escobedo, Alejandro Hernández, Lucas Gómez, Hans Hach Verdugo, Gerardo López Villaseñor, Miguel Reyes and Manuel Sánchez. Out of all of them, the rackets with the best ATP ranking Santiago González, ranked 25th in doubles and Ernesto Escobedo, number 320 in individual design. Now it remains to be seen whether the negotiations can be continued later.

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