Medvedev Millman Open Australia

Medvedev somete a Millman and su Ritmo

Daniil Medvedev reached the third round of the Australian Open by defeating John Millman 7-5, 6-2, 6-2 in just over two hours.

tournament draw

tournament results

The first round went perfectly Daniil Medvedev giving up just three games. The finalist of the last two years came to redeem himself and his second game was in the evening at the Margaret Court Arena against a local player. John Millman. However, it was the first time they met on an official date. The Australian, ranked in the top 100, had to enter thanks to a wild card and knocked out Marc Andrea Huesler of Hell in five sets.

A bold primer set

It was the first set where the Russian was seen with that desire and desire to add to this match, but he was not fully fit. In front of him was John, who never gives up and in that game from the bottom of the court he was comfortable. Both had their options to knock down the opponent’s turns and Daniil himself at some point had to see how little the difference was in Millman’s favor. Margaret Court Arena experienced a very convulsive end to the set with no guarantees, but the Russian enjoyed that march more than his tennis, finally succeeded with a score of 7-5.

to the Russian rhythm

In the second situation, the situation calmed down and Medvedev took it step by step the dance beat he wanted. The problems with the serve were disappearing, and he did not give a break point to the local player. However, the Russian won with two breaks, which were enough for 6-2 according to the chair judge’s statement.

It showed that the level was rising and Millman only had a chance to watch if the Russian gave him the chance. It wasn’t to be and with two breaks in his pocket, he went 1-5 in the final game. The Australian picked up two set pieces, forcing Daniil to be the one to close. Medvedev didn’t need to use maximum hardness as he didn’t let the resistance happen and knocked out Millman at the Australian Open.

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