Medvedev Mejor Comienzo Temporada Carrera

Medvedev: «It’s the best start to the season of my career»

The Russian tennis player was very happy in the press room after winning the title at the Miami Open, where he beat Italy’s Jannik Sinner in straight sets.

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Day by day, Daniil Medvedev He is the best player in the world on a hard court. The Russian tennis player won his first champion yesterday Miami Open, the second Masters 1,000 of the year after beating Italy’s Jannik Sinner in the final. This assumes that room title in Cinco consecutive finals for the Muscovite in the last month and a half were completely unforgettable for him.

So much so that the new world number four admitted in the press room that this is the best start to the season he has ever had, in addition to showing his love for hard surfaces. Medvedev claims that the big difference between this surface and others is that on concrete he doesn’t have to play at his best level to win matches. Something that if it happens on clay, where the circuit ATP It will stop for the next two months. A challenge for the good Daniil, who hopes to be competitive on the surface that makes him most uncomfortable.

A great start to the year

«This is the best start to the season of my career. I have won many tournaments and points. I wish there was also a Grand Slam in betweenbut overall I’m very happy and look forward to maintaining this level«.

More mental toughness than physical

«I had no physical problems, but mentally it has not been easy. this has been my first Masters 1000 win in over a year and a half. That’s why I felt a little stiff at the end, especially when he broke me in the second set. After the game I also felt how hot and humid it was. That’s why I wrote «hands shaking» on the camera. Because I thought I couldn’t write anything because of the stress all over my body«.

Champion of hard courts

«I love playing on hard courts. If they were played all year round that would be perfect for me, although I understand it wouldn’t be fair. I feel like I play at my best level on these types of surfaces. I know I can do very well on clay or grass, but here my game flows more. on a hard field I can’t play well and still get games going. That’s a big difference«.

Differences between last year and this year

«It was difficult to lose such a final against Nadal in Australia. It was not easy to digest. Then I had hernia surgery after Indian Wells and Miami. He had started the year impressively. This year in Australia I didn’t play well, but I’m glad I translated it from Rotterdam. I always try to do my best and work hard. You never know when all this effort will pay off, but I’m glad it is now.«.

Your level in the country

«I know I can play on the field. I beat Novak (Djokovic) in Monte Carlo a few years ago in the same tournament I won also to Tsitsipas. That is something very difficult to achieve with clay. If on hard court I feel like I don’t have to play perfectly to win matches, that doesn’t happen on clay. If I don’t play well, I lose a lot of games. Hopefully I can do it this year«.

The game that bothers Sinner so much

«I don’t think my game allows him to hit as hard or get as many winners. Or maybe it is I can read his game better than other competitors. But it’s getting close. In Rotterdam we played a great game and today he got the break first. Hopefully I can put him in trouble as I’m sure he will continue to make it to the final rounds of the big tournaments.«.

Replay Wimbledon and the Olympics

«I am very happy. Every tournament I can play in is a pleasure for me. Being able to improve my results again at Wimbledon is an incredible feeling, It’s the only Grand Slam where I haven’t reached the quarterfinals«.

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