Matteo Berrettini On Netflix Series Break Point: &Quot;I Wanted To Cry&Quot;

Matteo Berrettini on the Netflix series Break Point: «I wanted to cry»

The 2023 tennis season has now come to life and in a few days, the australian open, the first Grand Slam tournament of the year, will officially start. The world of tennis is also waiting for the official launch of breaking pointa documentary series that will be staged on Netflix and that will tell the experience of 15 stars of the ATP and WTA Tour.

Among these is also the Italian tennis player Matthew BerrettinI and everyone have made an important contribution by showing behind the scenes and some personal stories from his 2022. Berrettini spoke into the ATP Tour microphones and expressed his thoughts on his participation in the event and clarified his position.

Matteo Berrettini on the Netflix series Break Point: «I wanted to cry»

The tennis player explained his thoughts and also reported that Berrettini initially had many doubts on the matter. These are his words: «In 2022 I underwent my first real surgery in my career.

There have been moments with losses and really difficult situations, I thought deep down that it was better not to have them around because there was a risk that I would want to cry or in any case I did not want to talk to anyone». Matteo then clarified the reality of the facts and explained why why it is important to film a series like this: «In the end I thought that I always show when I am happy and I am well, but it is also important to show the negative sides and moments when I am not happy during this sport.

All this would have made the situation more authentic.» Berrettini later praised this new series, explaining: «People can thus understand that all this is real and not fake. It’s something you show yourself and I tried to make him understand as soon as possible.

Maybe it’s not a great show, after all, I come from a normal family and often show normality.” Break Point will premiere on January 13, 2023, and the first series will consist of five episodes.

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