Semifinales Itf Mataró

Mataró’s ITF semi-finals were decided after an intense day

On a day when the quarter-finals and semi-finals were supposed to be played on the same day, we already know four tennis players who will compete in the ITF M25 semi-finals in Mataro.

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Rain was Thursday’s big protagonist at the ITF M25 in Mataró because he did not allow any of the semi-final matches to be played. The employees of Mataró Tennis Club have been working intensively in the first hours of the morning to make 5 courts available. They were at full capacity and thanks to this, it was possible to play an intense day where the tennis players had to double their game.

The most significant matches of the quarter-finals

Local Nikolas Sanchez left He is the one who has had a more favorable round of 16. She has made her debut in the opening match of the day and proved to be much better than China’s Fajing Sun, whom she defeated 6-2, 6-3.

At 18, young Kyle Kang, who shows very good manners and is one of the most popular Roland Garros winners in the juniors. He has defeated the Portuguese 6-1 and 6-4 Henrique Rochawho has more experience in these types of encounters but has not been able to do anything against the aggressive play of his rival.

Tennis players at the Rafa Nadal Academy have had much more trouble. Paraguayan Daniel Vallejo and Hong Kong tennis player Coleman Wong they have required very intense duels of almost three hours to defeat their opponents. Vallejo bounced back from a negative set against Italy’s Gianmarco Ferrari, while Wong had a slight slump in the second set, but ended up putting his best physique against Peru’s Gonzalo Bueno.

Another Peruvian who competed in this round of 16 has had better luck as Ignacio Buse, who will soon join the American university tour, has come back from a negative set to defeat Italy’s Federico Iannaccone in three sets. Of course, since the second round, he has had to be helped by a physio several times, but despite that, he has continued to fight and made it to the next round.

One seed and three from the previous semifinal stage

Stefanos Sakellaridis It has been one of the big protagonists of the day. The Greek from the previous stage first defeated the main seed Alibek Kachmazov (7-6 (2), 7-5) so that he defeated the young American promise Dali Blanch in the quarterfinals a few hours later. The match ended 5-7, 6-2, 6-2.

When Kachmazov is eliminated, the best ranked tennis player in the draw is Nikolas Sánchez Izquierdo. After enjoying sensations in the round of 16, he was once again superior in the quarter-final duel, defeating Adolfo Vallejo 6-1, 6-1. Another Spaniard who continues on the scene is Diego Barreto. First, he managed to eliminate one of the strongest tennis players, such as David Jordán, and then he surpassed Ignacio Buse (6-3, 6-3).

In the fight to get to the finals, we have three tennis players who came from qualifying, as the other member was the American Kyle Kang. Therefore, on a day with up to 12 games to be played, the American faces Sánchez Izquierdo and Barreton Sakellaridis. We’ll see if there will be a Spanish final.

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