Martínez Bublik Atp Roma

Martínez gives way to Bublik on his debut in Rome

The Spanish tennis player fails to achieve his first important victory on his way to the final in Rome. Martínez is unable to maintain a good rhythm in the last part of the match, so he loses to Alexander Bublik in straight sets (3-7, 6-7(4)) after 1h47min of intense tennis.

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Pedro Martínez faced the first match of the new weight of the ATP Masters 1000 tournament in the city of Rome this May 2023. He did it on his debut in the men’s finalwhere he would have to face the Kazakh tennis player in the first round Alexander Bublik. The Spaniard came into this clash after a very good previous stage where he left two Italian contenders at the gates. The Kazakhstan tennis player, on the other hand, came into this match having done in the quarterfinals of the ATP Challenger in Aix en Provence, where he would be defeated by Harold Mayot. Indoors against the head There is only one precedent between the two tennis players, and it happened in 2021. In that case, the Latin American racket would be victorious without dropping a single set.

Aleksanteri Bublik narrowly won the first set

The match started strongly for Alexander Bublik. The Kazakhstan player got the first game of the match. At the moment, Pedro Martínez would answer, allowing a series of successes at the service of each player. Emotions rose at times, although the dominance of the match quickly fell on Bublik’s shoulders. At number 49 in the world rankings, he would start to chain winning strikes, which saw him add up to three consecutive games to his tally, according to the breakdown. Taking advantage of his only set point, Bublik took the first set after a comfortable 6-3.

The bat of Kazakhstan ends the match in agony

At the start of the second period, Cristian Garín would now be the one who begins to command the initial result. At the moment, Alexander Bublik would answer, even though it would be of little use at the moment. Even in three consecutive games, a breakthrough, Garín finished 4-1 in his favor. This would be followed by a short exchange of blows where the Kazakhstan racket would chain three consecutive games to make it 5-5 in the match.. That’s why both signed to go to the semifinals. In the end, and after taking advantage of two breaks and a match point, Alexander Bublik sealed the game for good. This confirmed his entry to the next round of the tournament in Italy.

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