Martina Navratilova Explains Why Iga Swiatek Is Top Wta Finals Favorite

Martina Navratilova explains why Iga Swiatek is the top favorite for the WTA Finals

Former 18-time Grand Slam champion Martina Navratilova says Iga Swiatek is the clear favorite for the WTA Finals title. Swiatek, 21, has had one of the most dominant seasons in recent memory, having played in nine finals and won eight titles in 2022.

In each of his last three tournaments, Swiatek has reached the final, winning two and finishing second in one tournament. Also, there was a period this year during which Swiatek had a 37-fight win streak. “She won two of the four majors, and the rest is amazing.

When I had a great year, at the year-end championships, you relaxed. It’s ‘I had a great year, I don’t have to prove anything.’ She’s had a couple of weeks off. There is absolutely no pressure on her, so she could probably play more free tennis than anyone there,» Navratilova told the WTA website.

Navratilova advises Swiatek to win the WTA Finals

In mid-October, Swiatek made it as far as the San Diego Open. Playing the San Diego Open was Swiatek’s tactical move, as she wanted to get some action in the United States before the WTA Finals.

This year’s edition of the WTA Finals will be held in Fort Worth, Texas. «You have to go with Swiatek. How can you go against her? She would probably be better suited to any speed on the court. She has pretty compact shots, even though she puts a lot of spin on that forehand.

It’s not a massive swing, so it can handle the fastest court. And growing up in Poland, he probably would have practiced a lot on faster courts to be able to adjust to that. If it’s slow, great, the topspin will pay off. I can’t go against her because she will never beat herself,» Navratilova added.

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